100th KIT SOLD!!!

Congratulations to John Eubank form the Alternate Universe Modelers Club. He was the lucky purchaser of kit #100!!!! He chose a Pirate Zombie and a Vampire as his two FREE kits.

Thanks to all those who have helped me to reach this small but significant milestone. It's very much appreciated and I hope we can reach number 200 before next Summer. There's new sculpts in the works, but at the moment I'm in full prep mode. I've got the kid on the way in just a few weeks and Comic-Con about a month away. The Harry Potter Show will be in about two weeks, and all the pieces for that show have been cast.

I'm currently trying my hand at model painting. I'm trying to do a good job on the Walken Solo bust. It'll be my first time trying to paint a realistic skin tone, but so far it's going very well. A big thanks to Dave Whitford for his time and tips on painting. I'm sure I'll be picking his brain again.

Until Next Time, Cheers!!!