New stuff!!!

Hey guys, here's a quick update on some happenings.

If you've wandered into the portrait section, you might have seen the newest portrait bust: Walken Solo. This piece was inspired by the Saturday Night Live skit where Kevin Spacey did various impressions of actors auditioning for the parts in Star Wars. One of my favorites was Spacey doing Christopher Walken auditioning for Han Solo. I've been doing that routine for years with my own Walken impression and I thought it was time that a piece honoring that skit be created. I decidd to go straight for the comedy and have Chris Walken as Han Solo (as having Kevin Spacey, playing Chris Walken, playing Han Solo would probably too much of a stretch and hard for people to get). This piece will be made available in a very limited number - Coming Soon!!

The other cool piece of news is that I've received the first photographs of the finished Dumbledore bust that the very talented Kat Sapene is painting for me. This bust, along with it's companion (Fenrir Greyback) were created for the upcoming show at Gallery Nucleus: A Tribute to Harry Potter. The painted busts will be on display at the show and unpainted copies will be for sale there, as well as here. They are strictly limited to 20 and each piece is signed and numbered. I hope you can make it out to the show and if not, you can always pick up one of these busts in the store section of this site.

Finally, the 100th kit has still not been sold. We're getting closer - just a few more to go. So if you're feeling like picking up a kit or two or three, now's the time to do it. You might be lucky number 100 and get 2 FREE kits to go with your purchase. So stop by the store, pick your fave and get one for yourself, or a friend.