Alfred Paredes

Born and raised in Southern California, my early days weren't filled with art. I was more interested in playing in the sun and watching science fiction movies and cartoons. I never thought all the cool stuff I was watching was actually being made by somebody out there. I loved drawing, but merely as a hobby. As I got into high school, my artistic sensibilities were growing. I decided I wanted to be an illustrator. When I got to college, I discovered the world of Fine Art painting. I was hooked right away. I spent the first year and a half focused on painting. Then the school brought in a sculpting teacher and I signed up. After the first class, I knew I wanted to do nothing else. Sculpture has been my focus for the last 20+ years. In recent years, my focus has turned to sculpting for the toys and collectibles industry.

Now I am a character designer and sculptor. I create original character busts and full figures for my own line of resin kits. Currently I am part of the in house sculpting team at Sideshow Collectibles. Previous clients have included: ZICA Toys, Sota Toys, Sideshow Collectibles, Pop Culture Shock Toys, Monster FX, ADI, The Ellen Show, Katie Perry, Hanson Brick Company, Tom Woodruff Jr., Sandy Collora, The Chiodo Brothers and many more private commissions (including a 9 foot bronze monument for the city of Arcadia, Ca). I have been sculpting professionally for over 10 years and I am well trained in many mediums, including: water and oil based clays, polymer clays, wax, foam, resin, latex, silicone, plaster, wood and bronze. I have a strong working knowledge of anatomy and I enjoy creating realistic figures and portraits, as well as fantasy creatures and monsters.

If you would like to contact me for work, please visit the contact page and leave a comment or send me an e-mail.