Wet T-Shirt Contest Time!!!!

Actually it's just t-shirt contest time... It's up to you if you want to wet the shirts. I just ordered some new shirts with the new website logo. I'm excited about the new shirts and I wanted to give back to you guys for all the support, so I'm running a contest, for a chance to win one of these new shirts.

So how is this contest going to go down, you ask? It's pretty simple... I want you to share some photos (please no wet t-shirt photos). Seriously though, you just need to share some photos of my work. There's two ways to enter:

#1 - For those of you who have purchased some of my work. Take a photo and share it on Instagram or on my Facebook Fan Page. If you share it on Instagram, Hash tag  #apsculpturestudio and if you share it on the Fan Page, tag the photo with Alfred Paredes. All those who post photos will be entered into a drawing for a shirt. Photos should be of one or more of my sculptures in your home, office, studio, or wherever you've chosen to display it. It doesn't need to painted, but it would be nice if it was at least displayed nicely. If you have more than one of my sculpts, post them as separate pictures and get entered for each one you post. In other words, the more of my sculpture you have, the more chances you have to win. I'll award one t-shirt to Instagram posters, and one to Facebook posters.

#2 - For those who haven't purchased my work... Shame on you!! No, I get it. Times are tough and we can't all shell out a few shekels to buy sculpture. But maybe you're still a fan of my work. Hell, you're reading this on my site, so you must like my stuff a little, so I want you to have a t-shirt too. Here's how you win. Go to my Facebook Fan Page, make sure you "Like" the page and share a photo from my albums on your page (it should be of one of my sculpts). Be sure to tag Alfred Paredes so that I'll see the photo. You'll only be entered once, but feel free to share as many photos as you like (I could use the help). There will only be one t-shirt up for grabs for you guys, so good luck!!

When will the winners be announced? It's October, so Halloween is the perfect time to announce the winners. (it also gives the t-shirts time to be printed and shipped to my house). If you live in the U.S. I'll even ship it to you for FREE. However, if you live outside of the U.S. I will need you to cover shipping (sorry, but it gets pricey).

So what will these t-shirts look like? Well, I don't have them yet, but here's the design that will go on them.


Pretty cool, right? The design is being printed on dark grey shirts. I'll have different men's sizes available (from M-XL), and some Girly Fit as well, for all you ladies out there.

So get to postin' and good luck!! I'll pull the names out of a hollowed out skull this Halloween. Winners be announced here on the site, and the Fan Page as well, so look for your names!!