It's a Contest!!!

Okay guys, it’s time for the “Unnecessarily Complicated Contest”. That’s right, a CONTEST!! But not just any contest… No! An Unnecessarily Complicated one.

So here’s the lowdown. It’s a basic guess who contest. And I know what you’re thinking… “If I have to guess who it is, then it’s not really a good portrait is it?” Well, you be the judge of that. But I will say this, it’s not an actor you might necessarily remember (although I hope you do).

Now for the Unnecessarily Complicated part. The rules are as follows. I’m looking for the 10th correct answer – Not the 10th post, or the 10th person, No! I want 10 right answers and the person who posts that WINS!! “Well that’s not very complicated”, Oh yeah? Well you can only post 3 times – so don’t think about posting the right answer 10 times or you’re disqualified. Am I doing this just to bring you back to the site a bunch of times? YES!! Of course I am. But that doesn’t mean you won’t be rewarded… No no no. This contest comes with cash and prizes… well prizes anyway, but they are worth their weight in quarters.

So what are the prizes? Well, the winner gets their own copy of the portrait head in question (which will come with a chrome rod and wooden base for display). But That’s Not All!!! They will also get their choice of any 1 kit in the store section!! C’mon, that ain’t too bad for just posting a few times.

Here’s what you need to post: The actor’s Name, The movie that this portrait is taken from (I know that’s gonna be a tough one), and his character’s name in that movie. Give me all three, and be the tenth person to post it, and you win. Remember, you can only post three times.

So… It all comes down to timing. Who will be the one to post the 10th correct answer? Will anybody actually take a guess? Is anybody actually reading this or care that I’m even trying to give stuff away? Why does my dog smell like soup? Why did the son survive at the end of Spielberg’s remake of War of the Worlds?… I mean, C’Mon!! He should have died. It’s Bullshit that he was back in Boston all cool and acting like it was not a big deal that everything got killed when he went over that hill but somehow he survives… AHHHH!!! It ruined the Ending!!! Sorry… I got carried away. Let the guessing begin!!