Post Craziness

Well, all the craziness of March and April are over. Plus I actually had a couple of film projects come through the studio, so you'll actually be able to see stuff I worked on, in a movie!! I'll give you more details and share images once I'm able to, but don't hold your breath... It's going to be over a year.

The Lucky Baldwin unveiling went really well. You can see images in the Client gallery section. I'm looking forward to getting another one of these projects. It was a huge challenge, but so rewarding.

Monsterpalooza, was a blast. It was the busiest it's ever been. I had a slow couple days to start, but Sunday picked up and I managed to get some decent sales. I met Greg Nicotero (of KNB and Walking Dead fame), which was a huge highlight. I'm hoping to follow through with that meeting and actually get a visit at the KNB studio. I'll let you know if something happens there.

Now I've reached a slow time of the year, so I'll be working on more of my own projects. There's some cool stuff coming (hopefully by next Monsterpalooza), so keep an eye out for updates. I'm actually teaming up with the awesome Silva Brothers, to do some concept design on an idea that I have for an awesome "Last Stand" zombie scenario sculpt. It's going to be amazing.

There's new stuff for sale up in the store, so head over there and help keep the pirate ship afloat. Your support keeps me going and allows for more original sculpts. Tell your friends, share this site with your Facebook buddies, buy someone and early Christmas gift. I'd really appreciate it.

Cheers for now,