Happy 2013

It's a new year!!! But what does that really mean? Isn't it just another day? Yeah the calendars change, but really... they change every 30 or so days anyway. What am I getting at? Basically I'm saying that when you're working hard to chase down a dream, the calendar doesn't matter. Nothing has really changed, I'm still working just as hard as before and things are coming out soon. So let's talk about what's coming.

First off, the long awaited installation of the Lucky Baldwin monument is getting closer. It's (tentatively) scheduled for February, so I'm excited to see it in it's final place. It's been a long road from the beginning to now, but a lot of it has been waiting around. Now we're finally going to come to the close of this project and hopefully bring a little more attention my way as a monumental scale sculptor.

Next up, this is the year that you'll see my Stan Winston Lesson, as well as my interview with them. I don't have a release date for it, but I'll let everybody know when it comes out. If you haven't signed up yet, be sure to visit the Stan Winston School of Character Arts website and look at the videos. There's so much to be learned there, and there's still so much more to come from those guys that it's mind blowing. I'm very grateful to have been a small part of it, and I hope to do more lessons with them in the future.

Third, I will be doing a series of portrait sculpting lessons for Visualarium. Filming should start early this year, and the video series should be out before Summer. I'll keep you posted on that one.

Fourth, I have new work in the studio getting ready to be released. The Young Frankenstein busts are finished and ready for molding. The 15" tall "Frank's Boy" sculpture is also finished and ready for molding. That one was a lot of fun to sculpt and I'm looking forward to putting it out there. I also have a new series of Trophy Zombie Heads. These heads are 1:2 scale and will be mounted on rebar spikes (all resin). I've got creepy clowns, hillbilly dudes, and some rather messed up looking zombies. Look for all these pieces to be available in the Spring - Or - Come out to Monsterpalooza in April and you'll be able to see the pieces in person and pick one up. I'll even sign it for you if you ask nicely.

Other than all that, I don't have any more specific plans. There's stuff I can't talk about that I'm really excited to do, and hopefully I'll get to share that with you guys eventually, but it might be a while. I'm still looking for work and taking commissions, so if you or someone you know is looking for a sculptor, send them my way.

So I hope you all have a great 2013, but remember... You don't need an arbitrary date to start going after your goals. Don't wait!! Start going for them NOW!! Let me know if you're reading this. I love hearing from you guys.