Once more - Good News, Bad News.

Let me start by saying Thank You to all the people who had such wonderful and supporting things to say about the blog. To all the visitors and regular readers, the comment posters and the silent supporters. You guys have been really great and your encouraging words really mean a lot to me. However, the blog will once again have to go on hiatus. With a baby soon to arrive, lots of house projects to finish, personal and professional work, Comic-Con... Well, you get the idea. I'm a busy cat these days. The blog requires a lot of energy and time to make it the way I want to, and so I don't want to just throw up half done interviews or poorly written articles. The blog will come back in a couple months with new interviews and loads of discussion topics. In the meantime, I'll keep updating on schedule about what's going on for me personally (New WIP's, upcoming shows and events, and maybe a rant or two). So I won't be gone completely (if anybody cares), I'll just be focused on simpler things for the time being. But the whole time, I'll be working behind the scenes for when the "Official Blog" makes it's return. Thanks again for understanding. Oh!! And the offer still stands to any guest bloggers out there. If any of you want to talk about something and need a venue to share it, let me know and we'll see if we can give you a voice here at A P Sculpture Studio.

But it's not all bad news this morning... Not by a long shot!! I'm proud to say that I am approaching the 100th resin kit sold!!!! I'm only less than 10 away at the moment (I won't say exactly how many). So here's the big incentive. The person who buys the 100th kit will receive their choice of two more kits FREE!!! (excludes the Harry Potter busts and the Avio-Sapien). So who's it going to be? Order 1, 2, or 10... either way, it'll go to the one person who gets the 100th!!! Help me reach this personal milestone and get a big reward!!