New Sculptures - For Sale!!

Hey guys, this week's post is a shameless self promotion. I've got new work available for you in the Store. Head on over and pick up a copy of one of the three new pieces.

First up, the brand new AvioSapien. I see him as a pregnant male of his species (one of the last few remaining). He may be old, but he carries a new life within his big round belly. This beauty measures in at almost 13" tall (with the base) and it's Solid Resin!! Like with all my kits, this piece is shelf and/or paint ready. Add the first of a new line of creatures at this 1:3 scale. More pieces will be coming soon.

Next up, I'm proud to announce the release of the "Limited Edition - Harry Potter Tribute Busts". These two busts were created to be part of the upcomming Gallery Nucleus' "A Tribute to Harry Potter" (July 2011). I was asked to create my own versions of characters from the books. I chose to do a dispicably evil character Fenrir Greyback, and the kind and benevolent Headmaster, Dumbledore. Each piece comes with it's own personalized base (Faux the Pheonix for Dumbldore, and the Dark Mark and Full Moon for Fenrir). The pieces stand approximitely 10" tall (with the base). Only 20 of these will be made, but only 10 will be sold here on my web site. The other 10 will be available at the show. So don't miss out!! Order yours today!!