Video Interview with Bill Merklein - Hasbro Sculptor

So it's Valentines Day... Most of you don't me know me well enough to know that I am very opposed to the commercialization of Love. Made up holidays and overpriced merchandise, forced sentiments of love and a requirement of gift giving has long ago turned me off the whole Valentine thing. I believe in showing my love every day (or every other Monday for this blog), so this week will be no different. Except for this... I had a reader share a cool video interview with me, and since he showed this blog a little love, I'm gonna pass it along to you guys.

Bill Merklein was a sculptor with Hasbro. He was also responsible for the G.I. Joe's we played with as kids (when I say we, I mean those kids old enough to remember the early 80's - all you young whipper-snappers may not remember any of this). Anyway, the interview was conducted by one of the fellas over at and it's thanks to them that we have this, very in depth, interview. A lot of the interview is Q & A with fanboys, but there is some content that will interest many of you. Watch one Part each day then get back to sculpting. Hope you enjoy it.