A Crazy Project I Can't Talk About

Hey guys. So, soon after returning from the Carlos Huante workshop, I started recieving requests for work. This isn't very unusual around here, it's just that most of the requests usually end up going no where. Well, I got contacted for a doosey of a project and it seemed like I was the only one that was up for the challenge. The project was for a very well known celebrity. It was going to involve making a custom chess set. That alone doesn't sound too bad, but here's where the crazy comes in. I was going to have to design, sculpt, mold and cast all the chess pieces in only 10 days. It started off pretty reasonable. There were going to be the usual 6 pieces, then repeated to complete the set. But celebrities don't tend to have simple ideas for long, and the six grew into 11 very quickly. The time frame didn't change, so this meant a whole heck of a lot more work.

I started in with the designs and quickly moved through the bad ideas, weeding it down to a few solid ideas. I did a lot of research on chess sets as well as on some of the characters that would be on the board. The approval process went quicly (luckily, the client understood the challenges of the tight deadline). I began sculpting and in just over a day, I had already roughed in 5 pieces - and a few of those were more than roughed in. I knew I wouldn't be able to complete this project on my own, so I reqruited some help from fellow sculptors. They came through with flying colors and really saved me a lot of time. They also spent a lot of time in my studio, helping me with some of the grunt work, while I worked on the portraits.

The days were long (not one of them being less than 16 hours), and there was one point where I had been working for 39 hours straight. In the end, I completed the project on time and delivered as scheduled. It was definitely the most amount of work I've done in such a small amount of time, but I'm glad I took on the challenge. I knew it was possible, and with the help of some very cool friends, we accomplished what no others were even willing to take on.

Sadly, because of the confidentiality agreements in place, I can't disclose who the work was for, or show any of the pieces (at least not yet). So for now, it goes down as a crazy experience that only a handful of people have actually seen.

Now that the project is over, I'm trying to get back to sculpting more creatures for next year's Monsterpalooza show. I really want to have a cool looking table and improve on what I showed last year. I already have several pieces under way, and I've been drawing several others. I don't know how many I'll be able to finish - having a kid takes up a lot of my time. Plus, there's actually more potential work around the corner. And if that project comes through, I'll be swamped for months!!!! At least that one I'll be able to talk about (once I actually get the job - fingers crossed). We'll see if any other projects come across my table before then, but until then... It's back to the studio to make some of the best creature sculpts I've made so far.