New Year - New Work!!

Hey guys, this weeks post is all about self promotion. I've got 5 new pieces in the store (along with all the others), so head on over, check them out, and pick up your favorites NOW!!

Here's a little breakdown on the new cast of characters.

"Hungry Hungry Zombie" - This fat little guy is #2 in the Monster Magnet Series. He's had an unfortunate run-in with another zombie who ripped his lower jaw off. Now he has to swallow his human flesh whole, or at least lick it to death.

"Butterfly" - The big lovable Troll. He may be able to crush rocks with his bare hands, but this big oaf is more interested in the little butterfly that just landed on his nose. Notice his crossed eyes, as he attempts to focus in on the tiny insect. Can you hear his "Oooohhh" sound coming from that big pucker? This cast may only be 7" tall, but he's the widest guy in the collection so far. He comes with a small butterfly (colors will vary), that you can either use or not. This is the first whimsical piece I've done (for sale, anyway), and I hope to do more, later this year.


"Neori" - The Aquatic Queen. She's one of the three aliens that make up the Alien Supremacy Set. All three are meant to be high ranking aliens in their worlds. Neori is the queen of her aquatic planet. Benevolant and kind, she's loved by her people.

"Seht the Elder" - The wise (although sometimes cranky) holy man (or bird) of his tribe. Seht is very old, but has a knowledge of his home-world that none can surpass. He's lived through tough times, and saw many battles in his younger days. Now he guides his people to more prosperous futures.

"Asharhad the Supreme" - An alien of immense intelligence. His home was on a dessert planet, and now he wanders the galaxy, giving his counsel to the many worlds who seek his advice.

There you have 'em, the five new pieces in the A P Sculpture Studio collection. Head over to the gallery to see more views of these pieces, and then be sure to stop by the store to place your order.

I've got new pieces already done and ready to be revealed soon, so keep checking back to see the announcement. I've also been designing like crazy and I think I've come up with the best designed creatures I've done so far (in my opinion). I hope to have those done and ready to be sold at Monsterpalooza this coming April. So, until next time... Happy Shopping!!!