What's your question?

Okay readers, this week I thought I throw the proverbial ball in your court. It's all about what you want to know. So if you have a question about sculpture, art, materials , techniques... hell if you have personal questions you'd like to know about me or any other things you've been curious about and think I have the answer to, then this is the week to ask it.

I'll be answering any questions on the following morning (depending on the volume and complexity of questions). Be sure to post them in the comments section BELOW in this blog's comments (not to the right - which is for general comments). I will do my best to give you a thorough and well explained answer, but if I don't know the answer, I will do my best to refer you to the best possible source.

I'd also like this to be a bit of a dialogue, so if one of you guys wants to expand on any answer given, please feel free. Oh, and one more thing - Please don't ask me to critique or take a look at your work this week. I simply don't have the time to answer questions and look at your work with the proper respect and time it deserves. I appreciate that some of you are interested in my opinion, but please save it for another time.

Okay, that's it. What's your question?