Trying out a new web site builder

I really don't like doing all this web design stuff. I'm really not cut out for it. Things are supposed to be simple turn out to be more complicated for me. I'm a hands on kind of guy. I like to build things with my hands in the real world rather than in the virtual one. Still, this is something I need to get used to doing. I don't want to become so dependent on others to do things for me (on the computer) that I basically become a toddler in a world of online media - having to have my hand held or to be carried through all the confusing and ever evolving technology. I hope that I can make a site that is both visually appealing and easy to use. I hope that people will want to come back to my site often to read what I'm up to and see pictures of new work and works in progress. I would also like to create an easy to use and secure store to sell my sculptures. This is the beginning of a new online world for me... let's hope I chose the right map.