"I'm a Big 'Ol Five"

So yesterday, my wife and I went to Universal Studios for the first time since we've been together (almost 12 years now). Before then, my last visit to Universal was during the filming of the last Back to the Future movie. My wife was last there when they were still filming the show "Charles in Charge". So in other words... It's been a while. It was a brief visit, but we now have annual passes and can go back anytime for however long we want (even if it's just to ride The Simpson's Ride again).

Now you may be wondering "What does the blog title mean?" Aside from the nod to one of our favorite shows, we rode three of the attractions yesterday and each time we were placed in row 5. The last time, I thought the trifecta would be broken as the attendant pointed us to row 4, but then just as we were entering the row, he changed his mind and put us in row 5. "What does all this have to do do with art?" you ask. Well, nothing really. I just wanted to share a funny moment from yesterday.