Ellen Show Pumpkin Carving

Hey guys, first off let me say that the last couple weeks have been crazy. Lots of events, a little sculpting, tons of casting, and some prizes as well. Thanks for being patient with the blog, I can assure you it is waking up from it's slumber and you're gonna love what's in store.

Now for the big news. I was contacted on Friday by the Ellen show. I did a couple pumpkin portraits back in 2008 for the show. I guess they didn't use pumpkins in last year's Halloween show, but this year they asked me to do them again. Only this time, instead of two, I'm doing four. I can't say who the pumpkin portraits are going to be until the show airs, but I hope you tune in for Ellen's Halloween show (I think it'll air this Friday).

I'll be turning in the pumpkins on Wednesday, and hopefully I'll get to watch the taping as well. I'll post more news and links as I get them.



************* New - Since the taping *************

Here are the shots of the finished pumpkins



Science Guy Steven Spangler

Vanessa Williams